Learn and play with Shakespeare’s plays!

Project ‘Discovering Theatrelands’ combine European theatre performances, a community play and alternative stage as well as educational activities.

Workshops with Gian Carlo Rossi, Gdańsk

The title of the project – ‘Discovering Theatrelands’– should be understood quite literally for educational actions, in which theoreticians and organizers of cultural life took part, were just as important as the plays.

Four European Shakespeare Festivals took part in eight-month project including Neuss (Germany), Gyula (Hungary), Ostrava (Czech Republic) and Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival (Poland).

Summer Shakespeare Academy offered a series of lectures, meetings with the artists, and workshops of various kinds. High standard of discussion was guaranteed by international experts – culture researchers, directors and managers of Shakespearean cultural institutions.



Meeting with artists – Adam Walny & Lars Kynde, Gdańsk

Activities in Gdańsk, Poland:
Happenings, improvisations and the parade ending the Festival were served as a setting to workshops, meeting with artists etc. What is more, there were seminar on topics related to art as a means of communication and theatrical pedagogy for students and university teachers (scholars: Gian Carlo Rossi, UK; Bernhard Ramstad, NO; Filiz Ozcan, TR; prof. Jay L. Halio, USA; prof. Tom Clayton, USA; prof. Jerzy Limon, PL). The seminar took place between 27th of July and 5th of August.

Workshops for children with Jan Orszulak, Gdańsk

There was also regional educational programme with participation of Danish and Polish artists (Adam Walny & Lars Kynde). They went to small towns and gave a shows for free.
Educational actions as well as theatrical presentations took place in the Pomerania province.

Above all, there was also ShakespeareOFF – an open-form initiative that, in its various forms, directs the audience’s attention to alternative aspects of artistic creativity. There was presented novel adaptations of artistic initiatives focused on social integration, performances and dance theatre.

Meeting with artists – ‘The Tempest” – National Theatre from Craiova – Romania, Gdańsk

Activities in Neuss, Germany:

In addition to cross-generational workshops on Shakespeare’s work by Tom Cornford, Arnie Pohlmeier and Paul Hart, there were also spring workshops which were run by the British director Stephen Jameson. Another workshops which took place during ‘Discovering Theatrelands’ were activities for secondary school – run by dr Vanessa Schormann.

Lecture by Prof. Jay L. Halio, Gdańsk

Activities in Gyula, Hungary:
Between 5th and 15th of July there was a peculiar , interactive street theatre programme realized in non-theatrical spaces in Gyula. Not only theatre workshops and lectures for secondary school students were available but also everyone could go to a conference focused on the role of culture in Europe in the 21st century.



Meeting with artists – ‘Hamlet’ – Thalia Theater – Germany, Gdańsk

Activities in Ostrava, Czech Republic:
‘Creative Ostrava’ this is the title of Czech workshops which took place 20th – 30th of June.
At the brgging of August (5th – 10th) there was ShakespeareOFF in Ostrava – a new festivalfringe scene which were presenting short alternative artistic pieces. It was mainly suited for street art performing.


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