The Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival took place between 27th July and 5th August 2012. The activities presented within the “Discovering Theatrelands” project included the presentation of “The Tempest” by Silviu Purcarete form Craiova National Theatre (Romania) and “Hamlet” by Luk Perceval of Thalia Theatre, Germany. There were also co-productions of a community play “The Winter’s Tale” prepared by Parrabbola (UK) together with Ostrava Shakespeare Festival (CZ) and Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival and also a Polish-Danish co-productions of “Hamlet” by Hamletscenen/Walny-Theatre. Additionally there was a creative Summer Shakespeare Academy developed with Q&A sessions, workshops and lectures and a “Theatre in Education” art programme in the region. Moreover an alternative festival scene called ShakespeareOFF, with performances, improvisations, dance theatre, happenings, films, concerts, etc. was a part of the project’s activities.

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Hamlet, dir. Luk Perceval, Thalia Theater, Germany

Performance was shown at:

Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival (Poland) – 5th of August, 2012

There is no time for grief in the state of Denmark. Continuity in politics is sacred – after the funeral banquet, there must always come a wedding, “business as usual”. What can Hamlet do when the situation becomes unbearable? The prince, inexperienced and uncontaminaed by the filth of politics, hesitates between choosing becoming a perpetrator and remaining a victim. Played by two actors, Hamlet is here the symbol of la condition humaine: a man torn between reason and emotion, between truth and lie.

Hamlet, Thalia Theater, Germany

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Project ‘Discovering Theatrelands’ combine European theatre performances, a community play and alternative stage as well as educational activities.

Workshops with Gian Carlo Rossi, Gdańsk

The title of the project – ‘Discovering Theatrelands’– should be understood quite literally for educational actions, in which theoreticians and organizers of cultural life took part, were just as important as the plays.

Four European Shakespeare Festivals took part in eight-month project including Neuss (Germany), Gyula (Hungary), Ostrava (Czech Republic) and Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival (Poland).

Summer Shakespeare Academy offered a series of lectures, meetings with the artists, and workshops of various kinds. High standard of discussion was guaranteed by international experts – culture researchers, directors and managers of Shakespearean cultural institutions.

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